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Short Circuit Short Circuit

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You have captured the essence of a good game. Its simple. So easy to learn, the instructions can be explained in a sentence. But best of all its addicting. This game was executed perfectly, from the music to the gameplay. My only request is that you make it longer :P. If someone ever askes me what a flash game should be... I'm telling them to look up short circuit.

Super Biology Adventure Super Biology Adventure

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Really Good

Despite the annoying voice saying "watch out!" every 5 seconds, and the fact that it would be a white blood cell, not a vaccine, that kills stuff and eats it... it was really really well done. I love the fbf style of graphics and espcially like how instead of penalizing you, when you die you get a bonus that makes it a bit easier to get back on your feet. Really well thought out and designed. Although the beginning screen and name made me feel like I was like 7 about to play some educational game or something.. it was really well done. I hope to see more from you. :)

4 Incomplete Games 4 Incomplete Games

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty Good

I personally liked these. My favourite was the shooter one, thought it could have great potential. Looked like something I could play for hours, unfortunately, i really would cause you cant die in it. :P. If your looking for any help making any of these I would be happy to at least try to help you, although im not very proficiant in actionscript at all, i can good decent enough graphics if you want. Anyways, hopefully youll get around to finishing them 'cause i really liked them. :P
e-mail: stevothewise@gmail

johnfn responds:

WHOA!! That would be a huge help, since I suck at art and am always lamenting about how I need a graphic artist! I checked out your most recent submission, it looked awesome. I hope you can do 2D graphics though, because right now most of my games are 2D... unless they'd undergo a 3D facelift ;)

You can check my profile for my email account.

Simple Tutorial Simple Tutorial

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Too much on Style

The thing about this tutorial, is that its not very much focused on content. Seriously, it took me less than a minute to see the entire thing. I personally believe you should have expanded more on the content, like add certain animation techniques and whatnot, as opposed to focusing only on the style and look of the tutorial. It's like anything else really. Sure it looks nice, but whats the point if it doesn't do anything?